A dynasty passionate about the wine and land of Saint Christoly

The wine of château Saint Christoly is the product of a majestic land, an ancestral passion, an exchange with nature, and a multitude of work and suffering.

Geography: Bordered by the Gironde Estuary. At the heart of the Médoc, 60 km North of Bordeaux, in the town of Saint Christoly de Médoc.

Climate : Oceanic: hot and humid, bright and sunny. The 2 large water masses (Atlantic Ocean and estuary of the Gironde) surrounding the Médoc, soften the temperatures and create a micro climate conducive to our vineyard.

Density and Size : 29 hectares; 5000 feet/Ha.

Composition of the soils and sub-soils : Garonne gravel and argilo-calcareous.

Average age of the seedlings and plantings : Approximately 25 years. A balance of types of vines, between the Merlot, 50% (softness and fruity) and the Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% (color and power).

Conducting of the Vineyard : Phytosanitary treatments, in reasoned fight against parasites of the vine. Médoc size (two astes of 3 buttons). Mechanical stripping off of leaves. Green harvest, removal of verjuices and manuel stripping off of leaves before harvest (Cabernet Sauvignon). Vegetal invasion studied between rows.

Harvests : Controls of maturity before harvest by tasting of the berries or phenolic analyses. Mechanical, with New Holland VL6040. Picking off of grapes and sorting integrated on the receiving bins of the machine (no stalk), automatic washing (preserving of the environment).
The grapes are sorted, upon their arrival to the fermenting room, by 6 people.